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Support Animals In Need

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Because of the various needs of our community and the animals in it, the Colville Valley Animal Sanctuary does many things to help animals in need. We have a pet food bank for owners that are low-income or having a hard time providing for their companions. We loan live traps for people to borrow for use of TNR services. We work with other local animal rescue groups to help animals in need of sanctuary find a safe place appropriate to their situation. We accept animal surrenders from the public and even have a foster program available for animals not suited to be housed onsite. When animals are surrendered to CVAS, we provide medical treatment as well as vaccinations and spay/neuter. We socialize the animals to their adoptable potential and then we work on finding them homes through either local adoptions, or our transport program. We work with partner shelters throughout Washington state to transport animals to their facility where they have a higher adoption rate, and more resources available for special needs animals.

Special needs animals come to our facility in need of help all the time and one example of such is Buddy. Buddy was brought to us on May 1st in very bad shape. He had broken canines, an ulcer in his left eye, conjunctivitis, several old injuries, and a mass on his neck. During his surgery to be neutered, the vet discovered a bullet and a dog tooth embedded in his neck. After his recovery it was discovered he had a second bullet, which was later extracted. Feeling much better and on a grain-free diet Buddy is eager to find a home willing to give him his special food and eye drops once a day. He is a very loving cat despite his hard past, and greets us every morning wanting pets, and more importantly, breakfast! It is because of the generosity of our community that we were able to provide the care and medical treatment Buddy needed to start his new life.